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Taking the SAT in Singapore 2023: where to take it and how to prepare for it?

Get expert tips for taking the SAT in Singapore in 2023, including test dates, registration information, and preparation strategies.


Dec 13, 2023

The SAT, or Scholastic Aptitude Test, is widely used for college admissions in the United States. If you are considering doing undergraduate study in the US, you are most likely aware that this will give you an advantage in your application. While submitting an SAT score is no longer compulsory for some colleges, having a high SAT score can increase your chances of being accepted into your desired university.

(Since 1999, we’ve been helping students average scores in the top 4% range.)

2023 SAT Test Dates in Singapore

26 AUG 2023    11 AUG 2023
07 OCT 2023    22 SEP 2023
04 MOV 2023    20 OCT 2023
02 DEC 2023    17 NOV 2023
Where to Take the SAT Test in Singapore

Singapore has multiple locations available as SAT Test Centers, but registration is always through the CollegeBoard website. You may search for the nearest test center in Singapore via this page for specific dates and availability. At the time of this writing, the available test centers are:

Test Centers    Center Code    Address    Area
XCL World Academy    75102    2 Yishun Ave 42    North
Singapore American School    75100    HS Counseling Office, 40 Woodlands Street 41    North
Global Indian International School     75149    27 Punggol Field Walk    North East
United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA)    75170    1 Tampines Street 73    East
NPS International School    75138    95 Jalan Eunos    East
5 Steps Academy    75169    143 East Coast Road    South East
United World College Dover    75120    1207 Dover Road    South West
International Community School    75124    27A Jubilee Road    South West
Canadian International School    75122    Jurong West Street 41    West
Stamford American International School    75126    1 Woodleigh Lane    Central
Cost of Registering for the SAT in Singapore

The registration fee for the SAT is US$60 at the time of this writing. Additionally, the cost of registering in Singapore will also include a Non-U.S. Regional Fee” of US$43. Singapore’s Test Centers usually fill up well in advance of the test date, so take care to register early to secure your seat! Currently, an application for the Waitlist is not available for registration.

Changing Your Test Date or Location

If you need to, it is possible to change your SAT registration to a new Centre or Date at an additional fee, subject to availability. You can also pay the Change Fee to switch from the regular SAT to the SAT Subject Tests or vice versa, for example, if you booked a “back-up” SAT date but already secured your desired result. In any case, where a change or cancellation has to be made, a fee is needed to process this alteration. For a change of test, the center would be US$25, the cancellation fee US$25 and the late cancellation fee is US$35 so do plan ahead!

Preparing for Your SAT

How much time you’ll need to prepare for the test depends on how much time you have and how ready you are to attempt its questions. You may try to search for practice questions online. Since the test has transitioned to be taken digitally, preparation for it has been made easier, especially for international students as prep content can be easily accessed on the computer. The SAT consists of 2 sections: Reading and Writing, and Math. In the Math component, as of 2023, both components are allowed calculator use.

The key to getting top scores is speed and accuracy. This means that you will have to quickly understand what the questions are asking for and determine the correct answer. This takes hours of practice, with some students spending more time preparing for one section over the other. Many students who come to us tend to require more practice in the Reading and Writing sections.

To find out how much preparation you will need to ace the test, a diagnostic test can help you. This may be a condensed version of the actual test and gives you an idea of the test format and requirements.

You may sign up for a free trial at Gateway, which offers you 14-day access to the SAT diagnostic test and introduction course.


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