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After A Levels: What Next?

What should you do after receiving A-level results?


Feb 07, 2024

For most students, A-Levels serve as a means to an end, with the ultimate goal being admission to a desirable university.

Getting your exam results represent a graduation of sorts for many students, signifying a pivotal moment when Singaporean youth transition from the formalised education system and gain a little bit more autonomy in choosing their paths.

Are your A-level results really all that important? 

The repercussions of A-Levels are immediate, determining eligibility for public or private universities, and in some cases, even Ivy League or prestigious universities in the UK. Beyond this, your rank points play a crucial role in shaping your academic journey by influencing your major selection.

It determines the next 3-4 years of your life. 

Your rank points and your grades will determine what you study and where you can study. This will significantly impact how you spend your time in the next few years. 

The Significance of Scholarships

The importance of scholarships cannot be overstated. Using a faculty scholarship as a benchmark—covering tuition fees without additional perks like cash or housing benefits—can be a game-changer. 

The Intangible Effects of A-Levels:

Beyond the tangible aspects, A-Levels shape intangible facets of your academic journey:

Network and Connections:

Your university and your major will influence the people you interact with, the level of competition, and the overall culture. The competitive nature of your course determines the caliber of individuals you engage with, impacting your network. Recognising that "your network is your net worth" underscores the increasing importance of connections beyond individual achievements.

Value System:

The abstract concept of your "value system" intertwines with your interactions and network. Considering the kind of person you aspire to be and your desired path prompts reflection on the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals. Exposure to those more skilled and knowledgeable becomes instrumental in shaping your values and aspirations.

In essence, A-Levels are not just a stepping stone to university; they shape your academic trajectory, financial outlook, and the intangible aspects of your personal and professional growth. Understanding the multifaceted impact of A-Levels enables you to navigate this transformative phase with informed decisions and purposeful intent.

But what’s the point? You’ve already gotten your results right —now that we've delved into the significance of A-levels, let's explore your actionable steps with the results in hand:

Perfect Result, University Bound:

Congratulations on the fruition of your hard work – you're on your way to university. Here's a detailed guide to maximise this success:

Choosing Your Path:

If you've decided on a course, that's fantastic! For those still uncertain, attending University open houses, conducting thorough research on potential courses, and exploring various career paths are essential. Seek advice from mentors, educators, or career counselors to align your interests, strengths, and goals. If you need more guidance on discovering your passions, refer to this comprehensive guide: Discovering Your Passions: A Guide to Building Your Ideal Future.

Scholarship Hunt:

Ease your financial burden by not limiting yourself to university scholarships. Explore opportunities offered by private companies, multinational corporations (MNCs), and government bodies. A strategic scholarship hunt can significantly contribute to your financial well-being throughout your university journey.

Internships and Portfolio Building:

Take advantage of the months before university to secure internships directly related to your course. Building a robust portfolio during this period will not only enrich your practical skills but also set you apart when seeking internships during your university years.

Scraping Through, Not Meeting Course Requirements:

For Guys (with NS):

Use the three-year National Service (NS) window to apply for your desired course. This time can be an opportunity for personal development and skill enhancement to enhance your portfolio. 

For Girls:

Your options may be more limited, but consider exploring courses similar to your interests. However, do avoid enrolling in courses that hold no interest for you. Choosing a course solely based on grades may lead to dissatisfaction and a misalignment with your career goals.

Disappointing Results, Feeling Lost:

Feeling discouraged is normal, especially when comparing yourself to peers who may have performed exceptionally. Remember that your unique journey is what matters most.

Consider Going Overseas:

Explore overseas universities with lower entry requirements. While this option may offer a pathway to higher education, be sure to factor in the higher costs associated with studying abroad compared to local options.

Retaking A Levels:

For those determined to secure admission to prestigious local universities such as NTU, NUS, or SMU, retaking A levels is a viable option. This requires careful planning, dedication, and navigating National Service commitments for male candidates.

In conclusion, the paths may vary, but after A-levels, there's always a way forward. Each option comes with its challenges and rewards – choose the path that aligns best with your unique goals and circumstances.

Still feeling lost or overwhelmed? We’ve got you — sign up for a free consultation with us. No obligations. We’ll walk you through your options and the path forward, we want to support you in your journey wherever you are! 


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