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Our coaches' qualifications are important, but we place just as much emphasis, if not more, on their sound pedagogical approaches and investment in their client


Kenji Li

Programme Manager

- B.Soc.Sc. (Geography), NUS
- PGDE (Distinction), NIE, NTU
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Linh Nguyen

- B.A. in Anthropology, Yale-NUS College

Khush Saraf

- MSt in Literature and Arts, University of Oxford (2025)
- BA (Hons) Architecture, English Literature (2nd Major), Film Studies (Minor), National University of Singapore

We look for more than just academic qualifications when selecting our admissions coaches. Our coaches are keen strategists, excellent communicators, and our clients' most enthusiastic cheerleaders. They are trained to guide their clients to stand out through our pedagogically robust system, developed by our team with vast knowledge and experience in the international admissions landscape.

We take a team approach, ensuring our clients benefit from the best our coaches offer as specialists in their assigned components. Building quick rapport is crucial for consistency throughout the application process, and our coaches excel at this. Trust is the cornerstone of successful client-coach relationships.

Recognising the challenges of university applications, our coaches focus on encouraging and motivating their clients to achieve their goals. They empower clients to become their best selves. Clients benefit from a team devoted to arming them with strategies and skills to confidently apply to their universities of choice.