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What is the SAT?



An admissions test for undergraduate programs in the US and Canada.
Comprises of Evidence-based Reading and Writing component and a Math component.
Offered 4 times a year and SAT results are valid for up to 5 years.
3-hour, pen and paper test. 
SAT Subject Tests and the optional SAT Essay will be phased out from June 2021 onwards.
SAT scores range from 400 to 1600 points (200 to 800 for each of the 2 components). We are proud to say that 90% of students are the 90th percentile.
sat Test Format
The test consists of the following sections:
Section I: Reading
Reading comprehension, interpretation, and inference. Understanding word usage and word choice as it shapes meaning, style, and tone.
Section II: Writing and Language
Editorial decision making in the expression and communication of ideas and arguments. Usage of standard English conventions.
Section III: Mathematics
Algebra: linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, polynomials, functions, coordinate geometry, Ratios and percentages, exponents and radicals, Geometry, trigonometry, statistics.
Sections Questions Duration Scoring

52 multiple choice

65 minutes

200 - 800

Writing and Language

44 multiple choice

35 minutes


Math - No calculator

20 multiple choice and grid-ins

25 minutes

200 - 800

Math - Calculator

20 multiple choice and grid-ins

55 minutes




3 hours,
excluding breaks


Our sat Courses
Looking for Online Courses? At ICON+ we offer all our Courses in-Centre and Online.

Online Group Course


Our flexible online SAT Group Course lets you join our virtual classroom once or twice weekly. In just 24 contact hours, we will comprehensively cover the entire SAT syllabus. With over 20 years of SAT preparation excellence ICON+ students average top 4% scores!

With our flexible group class scheduling, you can cover all modules in any order:
Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Modules
  • Lesson 1: Readings in Science, Social Science and History. 
  • Lesson 2: Idiom, Agreement, and Modifier Question Types
  • Lesson 3: Parallel Structure, Comparison, Tense and Punctuation Question Types
  • Lesson 4: Bad Phrasing, Word Choice and Redundancy, and Improving Paragraphs Question Types
Mathematic Modules
  • Lesson 1: Heart of Algebra - Exponents and Roots, Equations (Linear and Quadratic), Inequalities
  • Lesson 2: Problem Solving and Data Analysis - Ratios and Percentages; Averages, Rates, Combinations and Probability, Overlapping, and Data Interpretation
  • Lesson 3: Geometry - Lines and Angles, Triangles and Quadrilaterals, Circles, Solid Geometry, and Coordinate Geometry
  • Lesson 4: Passport to Advanced Math - Polynomials, Functions, Graphs, and Complex Numbers
All students will also benefit from:
  • Mock Test & Review Sessions
  • 1-Year Complimentary Access to our Interactive Question Bank for one year
  • Timed Practices for Each Component
  • Q&A Sessions
Our sat Instructors
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