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ACTMIN299.00ACTMIN ACTMAX10,455.00ACTMAX AdmisMIN1,999.00AdmisMIN AdmisMAX10,994.50AdmisMAX APMIN1,499.00APMIN APMAX5,999.00APMAX BMATMIN299.00BMATMIN BMATMAX10,455.00BMATMAX DUOLINMIN1,299.00DUOLINMIN DUOLINMAX4,199.00DUOLINMAX GAMSATMIN750.00GAMSATMIN GAMSATMAX10,455.00GAMSATMAX GMATMIN299.00GMATMIN GMATMAX10,455.00GMATMAX GREMIN750.00GREMIN GREMAX10,455.00GREMAX IELTSMIN99.00IELTSMIN IELTSMAX6,273.00IELTSMAX ISATMIN499.00ISATMIN ISATMAX10,455.00ISATMAX LNATMIN299.00LNATMIN LNATMAX10,455.00LNATMAX LSATMIN2048.00LSATMIN LSATMAX10,455.00LSATMAX MCATMIN750.00MCATMIN MCATMAX10,455.00MCATMAX PTEMIN299.00PTEMIN PTEMAX6,273.00PTEMAX SAT1MIN299.00SAT1MIN SAT1MAX10,455.00SAT1MAX SSATMIN750.00SSATMIN SSATMAX10,455.00SSATMAX TOEFLMIN299.00TOEFLMIN TOEFLMAX6,273.00TOEFLMAX UCATMIN299.00UCATMIN UCATMAX10,455.00UCATMAX GETADMISSIONS Australia Medical Interview PackageISAT,UCAT Australia Medical Interview Package Comprehensive Package - 1 SchoolACT,SAT1,GMAT,GRE,MCAT,GAMSAT,SSAT,LSAT,BMAT,UCAT,ISAT,LNAT Comprehensive Package - 1 School Comprehensive Package - 10 SchoolsACT,SAT1,GMAT,GRE,SSAT,LSAT Comprehensive Package - 10 Schools Comprehensive Package - 2 SchoolsACT,SAT1,GMAT,GRE,MCAT,GAMSAT,SSAT,LSAT,BMAT,UCAT,ISAT,LNAT Comprehensive Package - 2 Schools Comprehensive Package - 3 SchoolsACT,SAT1,GRE,MCAT,GAMSAT,SSAT,LSAT,BMAT,UCAT,ISAT Comprehensive Package - 3 Schools Comprehensive Package - 5 SchoolsACT,SAT1,GMAT,GRE,SSAT,LSAT Comprehensive Package - 5 Schools Global Med - 6 SchoolsUCAT, BMAT, ISAT, PQA, MCAT, GAMSAT Global Med - 6 Schools Global Med - 8 SchoolsUCAT, BMAT, ISAT, PQA, MCAT, GAMSAT Global Med - 8 Schools MBA And Postgrad PackageGMAT,GRE MBA And Postgrad Package UK Med - 4 SchoolsBMAT,UCAT UK Med - 4 SchoolsGETADMISSIONS


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The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required as evidence of English language proficiency for admission to many US and Canadian universities.
In 12 hours spread across 1 month, this TOEFL Group Coaching is designed for students who prefer an efficient and systematic classroom programme. You will receive expert guidance on exclusive strategies and practice questions with timed drills, before working through any uncertainties in a Q&A session.
The TOEFL Hybrid Course, now also available Online, combines all the perks of the Group Class and Personal Coaching to comprehensively cover the TOEFL syllabus with our expert Coaches in a mix of one-to-one sessions and livestreamed classes, then polish your skills and tackle your weaknesses through Personal Coaching. A minimum of 10 Hours Personal Coaching is recommended to cover all areas, but with more we can go beyond that to focus closely on your individual strengths and weaknesses to push your score even further!
Personal Coaching
Our TOEFL Personal Coaching, available Online or face-to-face, is for students who prefer one-on-one preparation with our highly qualified teachers. The TOEFL Personal Coaching course is tailored to your unique learning needs, strengths and weaknesses to comprehensively cover each language area at your pace. Your Personal Coaching sessions can be held remotely through online streaming platforms. Available in 10 to 50-hour Coaching Services, your Coach will be with you all the way!

You will also enjoy complimentary access to our Interactive TOEFL Question Bank to help with you practice between sessions!

Our Interactive TOEFL Question Bank is tailored to independent learners, with over 700 Practice Questions, Automatic Grading and a further 2 Mock Tests with Worked Solutions you can test your progress anytime, anywhere via computer, tablet and mobile. This is more than just a Question Bank though, as you will have our Customized Study Planner to guide you through the Video Tutorials and Strategy Guides to master each section at your own pace.

TOEFL Listening Section
• 6 Conversation Practices
• 12 Lecture Practices

TOEFL Reading Section
• 15 Timed Reading Practices

TOEFL Writing Section
• 11 Video Tutorials on Essays, Graphs, Letters, and Writing Standards
• Essays: 5 Samples and 10 Practice Questions
• Graphs: 5 Samples and 10 Practice Questions
• Letters: 5 Samples and 10 Practice Questions

TOEFL Speaking Section
• 3 Full Speaking Tests
• Phrasing Table with Sample Answers

TOEFL Grammar Knowledge
• 16 Comprehensive Videos
• 35 Practice Exercises

TOEFL Vocabulary Knowledge
• 3 Videos covering Learning Techniques & Etymology
• TOEFL Vocabulary Practice Games
• Short Stories for Vocabulary Acquisition

• 2 Full-Length TOEFL Mock Tests with Answers and Explanations
• Course Planner

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