Originally from China, Xuanhao obtained his Master’s degree in Biological Sciences from National University of Singapore (NUS) with top scores. A science and math whiz, he has won national prizes in Chinese Mathematical Olympiads and Chinese Physics Olympiads—a testament to his academic excellence. Moreover, in addition to six years of research experience in biological and biochemical laboratories, Xuanhao has worked as a Research Assistant at NUS teaching undergrad level courses; as well as a Biology and Chemistry Instructor for secondary school and JC students.

In recent years, Xuanhao has been dedicated to helping students prepare for international standardized science-based and medical tests, such as the MCAT, BMAT, and SAT II. It is no surprise that with his impressive academic record, first-hand research experience and methodical teaching skills, Xuanhao has helped students from diverse backgrounds in Singapore and China achieve their higher education dreams.

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