Shiraz is an experienced Singaporean Instructor who holds a BA in Business Administration (with honours) and an MBA (with a specialization in marketing) from the University of Westminster (London, U.K). Having developed his corporate career in various industries including Aerospace, Telecommunications and Renewable Energy, Shiraz found his calling when he began teaching English language, Public Speaking, and Speech Development programs in secondary schools and junior colleges in Singapore.

Shiraz now has more than five years of experience as an educator and Instructor for GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, SSAT/ISEE, UKiset, Conversational English, Business English, Academic English and Public Speaking programs in Singapore. He has taught students of various nationalities (Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Burmese, and Malaysian) and age groups (10 years to 50 years old), and helped them to achieve their career and education goals.

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