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Medicine Preparation Workshop
November 16th 11.00-13.00| Enrol Now

Ask any doctor and they will tell you that a career in Medicine is a demanding one. As a result, the application process itself is amongst the most demanding. Students are typically expected not only to achieve stellar results in their A-Levels, IBDP or equivalent, but they must also run the gauntlet of tricky aptitude tests, in-depth personal statements, and some nerve-wracking interviews. At the end of the day, Universities only want to take in the most suitable candidates.

To learn more about what the Universities expect, how to prepare for the Medicine-specific tests ahead, how you can build your profile from JC1 onward, and opportunities for early applications in JC2, sign-up for our free Workshop below. We will be covering:

  • Medicine Courses in Singapore and Overseas;
  • The essential timeline and strategy behind making a successful application;
  • Relevant required aptitude tests such as BMAT, UCAT and ISAT for NTU, the UK and Australia;
  • How to make the most of your time from JC1 onward, to increase your chances of success;
  • Securing a place through Deferral ahead of National Service;
  • Dentistry applicants face overlapping challenges which we will also be exploring.

The title image is adapted from one by WikiMedia user Monirb under the CCA-SA 4.0 (Intl.) license.

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