The Risks of Holding Back on UCAT Preparations

Are you an aspiring doctor looking to study medicine in the United Kingdom, but wondering how to proceed with regard to the UCAT amidst the uncertainty caused by the corona pandemic? Almost daily, we at ICON+ Education Group are approached by confused students about how to proceed with standardized testing.

While the UCAT UK registration and test dates have not been released for this cycle, the Consortium states on their website that they “remain committed to delivering the UCAT in 2020”. They write further that they are “working with Pearson VUE to explore a number of test delivery scenarios”.

Around the world, standardized tests have moved online: MCAT, GAMSAT, GMAT, GRE, AP, IELTS, TOEFL, you name it! Perhaps most relevant to readers of this blog is the recent move by ACER, the organization that administers the ISAT, a test for international applicants to medical, dental and clinical science programs in Australia. At the last minute, ACER announced that it would be delivering the ISAT online via remote proctoring this year, and we at ICON+ suddenly faced an influx of students scrambling to prepare.

And while our coaching team was well-equipped and staffed to handle the many additional registrants for our classes, for the sake of youth who yearn to gain entrance to highly selective courses such as medicine, we wished we could have started working with them earlier. 

Test preparation, particularly for tough medical entrance exams, should ideally be started well in advance if students wish to score well enough to get accepted. There’s just so much cramming that a mind can take! 

Particularly for the UCAT, which has a whopping 5 sections (verbal reasoning, decision making, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning and situational judgment), studying in advance is critical. Decision making, abstract reasoning and situational judgment are simply not covered in many schools’ curricula, and students need to take sufficient time to master the strategies we provide to ace these segments. Verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning, though addressed in the traditional classroom, occur on the UCAT under such enormous time pressure, that the normal meticulous way of answering school exam questions just doesn’t cut it.  

As the UCAT is expected to go ahead this year, don’t get caught underprepared! Put your best foot forward and reach for that acceptance to medical school. 

Remember: Success is for firstcomers. Speak to our Program Specialist today!

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