Learners @ Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre

Our success today was achieved only through the firm support of our clients and corporate partners throughout the years. While we are thankful for our accomplishments, we at ICON+ understand that this bestows upon us a duty to help those in need.

As experienced educators, we naturally gravitate towards opportunities to contribute towards the learning and development of the less fortunate. The mentorship program offered by the Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre was a perfect opportunity, allowing us to reach out to children and youth from financially disadvantaged or broken families.

Once a month, a team of five dedicated ICON+ instructors tutor ten children aged seven to twelve in Math, English and Science. We understand that our responsibility as educators is not to merely impart knowledge; it is equally important that we serve as positive role models to our young charges and leave a lasting impact in their lives.

While our efforts may be a mere drop in the ocean, we at ICON+ believe that every bit of help goes a long way!

To learn more about volunteer opportunities within Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre or other charities, please visit www.nvpc.org.sg

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