Disabilities @ Asian Women’s Welfare Association

At ICON+, we believe that creativity and expression are essential for the development of every learner. In accordance with this belief, our recent social responsibility project saw us conducting regular arts and crafts sessions for students of the Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) Smiles.

Our lessons have offered a whole host of fun and interactive arts and crafts, from painting and drawing to jewelry making and clay crafting. Our activities were catered for a range of disabilities — autism, Down’s syndrome and motor disabilities, so as to ensure that every participant could experience the thrill of crafting their own beautiful works of art!

Every month, our five big-hearted volunteers discover new styles of teaching, communication and interaction, an experience we have found incredibly rewarding. To this day, the social outreach program at AWWA has been a great success, with both the students and volunteers always leaving with joyous hearts and beaming smiles!

At ICON+, we believe that giving back to the community isn’t just our responsibility; it’s our way of life.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities within the Asian Women’s Welfare Association or other charities, please visit http://www.awwa.org.sg.

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