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Learn how to highlight your communication, leadership, and teamwork skills through the strategic use of the STAR model. Get tips on responding to common interview questions with authenticity and purpose, all while providing impactful examples.

What's Included

Inside this eBook:

Showcase Leadership

Whether you were captain of your sports team or led a volunteering initiative, learn how to present your leadership experiences in a way that resonates with admissions officers.

Soft Skills for Success

Success goes beyond academics. Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills are crucial. Learn how to authentically communicate these skills during your interview.

Common Questions 

Walk into your interview prepared with thoughtful responses to common questions. the guide provides examples of strong and clearly structured responses that are sure to make an impact.

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Why Choose Our Guide?

Proven Frameworks

Our frameworks and tips, meticulously crafted by experts in admissions coaching, are designed to help you present the best version of yourself. We distill years of insight into action items for immediate impact.

Interviewer Insights

Understanding what admissions officers are looking for during an interview is critical, the guide provides this much-needed insight, helping you prepare effectively.

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