Our Efforts to Fight COVID-19

Dear Parents and Students,

We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and well. With the COVID-19 evolving quickly and potentially affecting your higher education or migration plans, we are here to keep you updated along the way.

Students and Employees of ICON+
The well-being of our students and employees is of utmost importance to us. At ICON+, we are at the forefront of fighting COVID-19 to avoid further spreading throughout the community. From next Tuesday, 7 April 2020, to Monday, 4 May 2020, all our employees will be telecommuting to continue serving you. While our centre is not physically accessible during this period, our teams, from Student Care and Programs Advisory to Curriculum and Instruction, will continue to provide guidance to you through phone, email, WhatsApp and appointed online coaching platforms. Rest assured that nothing changes in the quality of support we provide.

Higher Education Institutions Going Virtual
Governments worldwide have introduced a variety of measures to contain and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Many universities have commenced online admissions assessments and delivery of courses. This means that international students are now able to attend admissions interviews and classes remotely, an assurance in view of the travel restrictions imposed globally. If one thing is for sure, the need for higher education will always remain a priority. This will never change.

Held Off That Migration Plan? Always Wanted to Get That MBA?
English Proficiency tests such as IELTS and PTE have a score validity period of 2 years, while business school entry exams such as the GMAT have a score validity period of 5 years. So, if you have been pondering about taking that test for the longest time, why not take this opportunity to kickstart the process? With most companies streamlining their operations by adopting a work from home or compressed work hours approach, you will no longer have the excuse of “not being able to find time outside of work”. Talk to us to find out how we can customize solutions that meet your budget, availability and learning objectives.

Final Words

You may be wondering when all this will ever end, or just at a loss about what to do during this stage. Please reach out to our Program Specialists for a discussion, and we will be happy to provide our genuine advice and expertise to help you tide over this period, or at least provide some comfort and assurance. We have weathered many storms since we were founded 21 years ago, and our team stands ready to support you. Nothing will ever stop us from continuing to help you succeed, not even the COVID-19.

Yours sincerely,
William Lin, Country Manager
Email: william@icon-plus.com
WhatsApp: +65 8228 8237

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