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The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an admissions test required for entry to undergraduate and graduate medical programs in the UK.

The 2-hour computer-based test comprises five sections: Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Situational Judgement.

As per the official UCAT website, the various sections are designed to assess the following skills:

Section I: Verbal Reasoning

Critically evaluate information presented in a written form
Section II: Decision Making

Make sound decisions and judgements using complex information
Section III: Quantitative Reasoning

Critically evaluate information presented in a numerical form
Section IV: Abstract Reasoning

Use convergent and divergent thinking to infer relationships from information
Section V: Situational Judgement

Capacity to understand real world situations and to identify critical factors and appropriate behaviour in dealing with them
Verbal Reasoning44 multiple choice21 minutes300 - 900
Decision Making29 multiple choice31 minutes300 - 900
Quantitative Reasoning36 multiple choice24 minutes300 - 900
Abstract Reasoning55 multiple choice13 minutes300 - 900
Situational Judgement69 multiple choice26 minutesBand 1 (high) - Band 4 (low)
Not included in total scaled score
Total2 hours
Including instruction sections
1200 - 3600


Should I take the UCAT or the BMAT?

Depending on which universities you are applying to, some universities will require the BMAT, and others the UCAT. The tests are not interchangeable. Of the 19 UK universities recognised by the Singapore Medical Council (as of 1 January 2020), 15 require the UCAT, and 4 require the BMAT.

Which schools require the UCAT?

The following 15 schools recognised by the Singapore Medical Council (update effective from 1st January 2020) require the UCAT:
University of Birmingham
University of Bristol
University of Dundee
University of Edinburgh
University of Glasgow
University of Leicester
University of Liverpool
University of London, King’s College London (KCL)
University of London, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)
University of London, St George’s University of London
University of Manchester
University of Nottingham
The University of Sheffield
University of Southampton
Cardiff University

What is a good UCAT score?

Generally speaking, a competitive UCAT score is >2700 with a roughly accompanying 80th percentile placement.

For further information, please see the Official UCAT Consortium Statistics.

How long is my UCAT score valid for?

UCAT scores are valid only for the year of application.

How often can I sit for the UCAT?

You may sit for the UCAT only once per test cycle.

When is the UCAT held?

UCAT registration will be held on 1 July. Tests will take place between 3 August and 1 October 2020.
Please note these dates are subject to change, and we will update accordingly.

When will my results be available?

Test scores are available on the same day of the test sitting.



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