The ACER International Students Admissions Test (ISAT) is an admissions tests required, for international applicants, for entry to undergraduate medical programs in Australia. Australian and New Zealand applicants take UCAT instead.

The 3-hour computer-based test comprises of 100 multiple-choice Critical Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning questions.

Section I: Critical Reasoning

Assess a candidate’s ability to comprehend, analyse, evaluate, and extend ideas in the humanities and social sciences.
Section II: Quantitative Reasoning

Assess a candidate’s ability to draw conclusions, make decisions and solve problems in mathematics and the sciences.

For further information, please see the ACER ISAT brochure – produced by the test administrators.

Critical Reasoning100 multiple choice3 hours100 - 200
Quantitative Reasoning


Should I take the ISAT or UCAT ANZ?

Only the ISAT is required for international students applying to Australian undergraduate medical programs. The UCAT ANZ is required for domestic Australian and New Zealand applicants.

Which schools require the ISAT?

Flinders University
*Monash University, Melbourne
Monash Univeresity, Malaysian campus
University of Limerick
*University of New South Wales (UNSW)
University of Queensland
University of Tasmania
*University of Western Australia
University of Western Sydney
*Recognised by the Singapore Medical Council (as of 1 January 2020)

What is a good ISAT score?

Generally speaking, an ISAT score of around 180 places a student in a competitive 80th percentile.

How often can I sit for the ISAT?

You may sit for the ISAT only once per test cycle.

When is the ISAT held?

The ISAT is typically held on multiple dates between March to February the following year.

When will my results be available?

ISAT results are usually released within one week of the test sitting. 



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