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IELTS Test | IELTS Focus (Reading & Writing)

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Achieve complete mastery in the Reading and Writing sections of the IELTS with the specialised 18-hour Reading & Writing class.


Highly-trained and experienced IELTS specialists

ICON+'s team of international teachers are approved by the Ministry of Education, meaning that they have the necessary professional experience and academic qualification to coach you. Our full-time, highly-trained test prep specialists have also achieved extremely high IELTS scores, are immensely popular with their students and have stellar track records in producing top scoring students.


Small Group Coaching

Our classes have an average enrollment of 15 students, an ideal number that enables the instructor to give sufficient attention to each individual student, without sacrificing important group interaction and discussion.


Solid Course curriculum

Our curriculum, designed by our in-house and highly experienced R&D team, focuses on building a strong foundation in IELTS content and test-taking strategies.

You will receive proprietary classroom content that we have developed and refined over the years, including unorthodox solving methods and cheat sheets.  Our learning systems are constantly updated, so you can be assured that you will always be in touch with the latest techniques and testing trends.


24 / 7 access to advanced eLearning program, www.the-eGuru.com

IELTS eGuru contains numerous invaluable video tutorials and practices. In addition, master critical time management skills with 2 diagnostic tests that are vastly similar to the official IELTS tests. All tests come with a personalized score repaort and detailed explanations.


Full Access to Resource Library

Our library is well-stocked with the latest prep resources, which can be borrowed at anytime.


Priority Test Booking

As the appointed IELTS Registration Centre for the British Council and IDP Australia, we offer perks such as hassle-free priority test booking and advanced test booking when you register for the test through us. Book your test with us NOW!


Complimentary University Profile Analysis (U.P $168)

Our professional admissions consultant will help you get started in designing a compelling unverisity applications.


Require Assistance?

Students who have considered the IELTS Focus have also considered the IELTS ScoreMax, the IELTS Hybrid, and the IELTS Personal. View the Course Comparison Table here.

If you are still unsure and require assistance in identifying the best preparation route for your needs, be it joining a class, having a personal tutor or studying on your own, our programs specialists will be happy to help! Call 63366551 / 63366558 or email info@icon-plus.com.


About ICON+

Established in 1999 and with over 20,000 students, ICON+ is Singapore's leading IELTS Test Preparation specialist. ICON+ has a unsurpassed IELTS track record. Over 85% of our test prep students score higher than the worldwide average. Our proven performance is also acknowledged by leading educational institutions.

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Duration: 18 hours
Fee: S$840

What our clients say

The concepts and techniques taught in the ICON+ SAT course were very useful and easy to understand. In addition, eGuru – the e-learning program you offer, allowed me to practice anywhere and anytime! Overall, the course has provided me with a very thorough understanding of the SAT.

Yang Qiao Lin Singapore
Satisfied SAT Client!

Having achieved an SAT score of 2330, I can confidently say that my experience at ICON+ was an enriching one! I received very useful techniques and comprehensive notes that helped me prepare holistically.

Ong Liang Kun Singapore
Satisfied SAT Client!



My experience at ICON+ was extremely satisfying. My IELTS teacher taught me really good test techniques that helped me to get a high band score! ICON+ is surely an effective test prep center!

Chaw Su Naing Myammar
Satisfied IELTS Client!


I found the ICON+ SAT lessons really useful because my instructor taught us the right techniques to answering typical SAT questions. Also, the ICON+ campus is conveniently located just few minutes’ walk from the City Hall MRT – which is ideal! And yes, I would definitely recommend the program to my friends.

Noorin Najmi Binte Nawi Singapore
Satisfied SAT Client!

I enrolled myself for the ICON+ TOEFL course to get the perfect score that I needed for my university application. I must say, the overall experience was certainly enriching—the course notes, the e-learning program, the campus environment, and my instructor were very helpful. Hurray! Thank you, ICON+!

Yong Ze Singapore
Satisfied TOEFL Client!

I would say that I had a very fulfilling and memorable experience at ICON+. I aced the SAT - scored 2240 on my first attempt!!

Benjamin Ho Singapore
Satisfied SAT Client!

ICON+ has exceeded my expectations in terms of its instruction, curriculum and customer service. Because eGuru is such a convenient online learning resource, I am able to practice constantly, even when I’m on the go!

Gulnara Meholiyeva Azerbaijan Baku
Satisfied IELTS Client!

The environment in which the lessons were conducted was very conducive for my learning. Besides improving my grammar, reading and writing skills, the ICON+ SAT course taught me better ways to approach the test questions!

Matt Ng Singapore
Satisfied SAT Client!

If I had studied myself, I would have gotten maximum 7; but, with the ICON+ IELTS course, I got an 8! It was definitely money well spent!

Khai Hsing Malaysia
Satisfied IELTS Client!


I scored a PERFECT score of 800 for SAT Physics. ICON+ was my pillar of support and helped me excel!

Matthew Neo Singapore
Satisfied SAT Client!

The practices that I received really helped me in my preparation journey. All in all, I attained a score of 750 on my UKCAT! Thank you, ICON+!! It was a wonderful learning experience!!!

Victoria Chan Singapore
Satisfied UKCAT Client!

The e-learning program was advanced, and hence, trained me rigorously for the D-Day! All in all, my training was comprehensive, effective and personal—without ICON+, I wouldn’t have made the 450 points improvement that I did!!!

Xie Shiquan Singapore
Satisfied SAT Client!

I would definitely recommend the ICON+ TOEFL course to my friends. The study resources are good, the e-learning program (eGuru) is helpful, the teacher is very encouraging and the customer service personnel are really nice.

Rakendu R.S. India
Satisfied TOEFL Client!

ICON+ was very flexible in creating a customized schedule that worked best for my busy routine. I can confidently say that I was in the right hands from the very beginning!

Olena Sukhina Ukraine
Satisfied GMAT Client!

The overall experience and professionalism at ICON+ definitely exceeded my expectations. The ICON+ GMAT program helped me to achieve the perfect GMAT score needed for my MBA program!

Scott McDaniel USA
Satisfied GMAT Client!

The comprehensive class content and training from my instructor really helped in honing my time management skills—something I wouldn’t have achieved by myself through self-study. Thank you ICON+! I truly appreciate your efforts!

Yugendar Sundar India
Satisfied IELTS Client!

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Meet the Experts in the FREE GMAT Trial Class

 Applicable to all courses except TOEFL and IELTS.

Meet the Experts in the FREE MCAT Trial Class

Applicable for ISAT/UKCAT/BMAT/MCAT courses

Meet the Experts in the FREE GMAT Trial Class

 Applicable to all courses except TOEFL and IELTS.

Meet the Experts in the FREE MCAT Trial Class

Applicable for ISAT/UKCAT/BMAT/MCAT courses

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