SAT Promo

Summer is coming and you have the chance to kick back and relax. Let us take the stress out of study so that you can focus on better things! For those considering future study in the U-S-of-A we are offering summer discounts on SAT preparation courses. SAT results are valid for five years, so summer offers a good chance to get this requirement out of the way while things aren’t too busy.

These discounts are running throughout the summer, but early birds will be treated to further savings. Simply register within the month of June to enjoy a full 10% off all SAT or SAT Subject Test courses. In the month of July, the discount drops to 8%, and in August to 5% – so register early to chope better savings!

For further information on our courses, class schedules, details about one-to-one study, or answers to any queries you may have, please call 6336 6551 or 6336 6558. Alternatively, you may wish to sign up for a Free Diagnostic Test below.