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Test-related questions

LNAT or National Admission test for Law was developed by a consortium of UK universities as a fair way to assess  a candidate’s potential to study law at undergraduate level, regardless of their education or personal background.

The LNAT is a 2¼ hour test in two sections.

Section A consists of 42 multiple choice questions. The questions are based on 12 argumentative passages, with 3 or 4 multiple choice questions on each. Candidates are given 95 minutes to answer all of the questions.  

Candidates can review their answers at any time during the 95 minutes, but cannot return to the multiple choice section once they begin Section B.

Section B, candidates have 40 minutes to answer one of three essay questions on a range of subjects and demonstrate their ability to argue economically to a conclusion with a good command of written English.

Prior to sitting the LNAT, all candidates must complete the two step registration process using the Pearson VUE online registration system. Once your online account registration is complete and you have created an LNAT Profile, you will receive an email with details enabling you to book and pay for the test.

The fees are determined by the test centre location. It is GBP 50 at UK/EU test centres and 70 GBP at test centres outside the EU.

The test fee is payable online, at the time of booking a test, by major credit card (Visa, MC, Amex, JCB) or debit card (Visa only).

The fee is always charged in GBP (pounds sterling). If you have a non-UK credit card, your credit card company will bill you according to its own rules for foreign transactions.

If you are applying to study undergraduate law at the LNAT-participating universities you should aim to take the test as early in the academic year as possible for maximum choice of test venue and availability, and to meet admissions deadlines.

The LNAT must be taken in the UCAS year in which you are applying to university.

There is no fixed date on which the LNAT is held. Registration for and booking of LNAT tests for entry into university in September 2014 opens on 1 August 2013. Testing starts on 1 September 2013. For more information on current test dates, see LNAT Timescales and deadlines.

LNAT results are emailed to candidates twice a year (typically in February and July), with test dates determining the results date.


Following completion of the test, Pearson VUE will supply the candidate’s LNAT score and essay directly to those LNAT-participating universities which the candidate chooses (ticks) when registering for the LNAT.  The universities get the results in good time for their applications process and before the results are sent to the candidates. 

You may only sit the test once in the cycle, and results cannot be carried over from one year to the next. You are advised to consult the individual university’s websites to check these deadlines.

The LNAT must be taken by all applicants (UK, EU and overseas) to UK undergraduate law programmes at

The following non-UK universities also rely on the LNAT under certain conditions. Please check with the universities directly for details.

As well as taking the LNAT, you need to apply for your chosen programmes in the normal way. Sitting the LNAT does not constitute an application to any universities.

Candidates should not take the LNAT if applying to study law at non-LNAT-participating universities as they cannot access LNAT scores.

Course-related questions

You can come to our centre personally or do the registration online. Registration is confirmed when payment is received. You can choose to pay by cash, NETS, Visa/Mastercard or cheque.

As the duration of our programs is short, a student pass is not necessary. Our international students have comfortably completed our programs using a tourist visa. If required, we will provide you with the necessary documentation needed for an extension of your visa.

For rescheduling of lessons, students are required to give ICON+ a minimum notice of 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson, failing which would result in forfeiture of the lesson.

ICON+’s international team of professional instructors are dedicated to your preparation process. All ICON+ instructors have:  
  • completed a grueling Master Trainer Program that lasts over 200 hours; only one in five trainees will successfully do so
  • at least 5 years of instructional experience
  • achieved minimum 95th percentile in the test they are teaching
  • a proven record of producing high-scoring students.  

We are not a franchise which may have differing standards or an inexperienced start up company with no track record. Our corporate partners and students believe that we are a serious company because we have the experience and resources to back any project, big or small. SMU, as well as other reputable universities, has appointed ICON+ as its official test prep centre.

We believe in customized solutions. No two students have the same needs. We have a team of highly experienced and trained test prep specialists with a proven track record of producing top-scoring students. ICON+ provides a full suite of value added services such test registration, admissions consulting and many more!

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Meet the Experts in the FREE GMAT Trial Class

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Meet the Experts in the FREE MCAT Trial Class

Meet the Experts in the FREE GMAT Trial Class

 27th April 2015, InterContinental Singapore, 5pm - 10pm

Applicable for ISAT/UKCAT/BMAT/MCAT courses

Save $500 when you sign up for both!